Medical Devices

We act for Medical Device Companies and In vitro-Diagnostic  at all stages of their commercial life-cycle. We place particular emphasis on ensuring that regulatory and legislative obligations for all parties are clearly defined and set out within our bespoke Commercial Agreements.  We offer tailored advices in the following areas:

  • Advices in relation to the correct corporate structure;
  • Protection of Intellectual Property and ensuring a good chain of I.P. title;
  • Licensing of technologies
  • Collaborative Research and Development Agreements
  • Appointment of Distributors
  • Sub-contract and Outsourcing
  • Competition Law issues
  • Legalisation and Authentication of documentation
  • Advices regarding interaction with HCP’s
  • Labelling and Packaging advices
  • Regulatory, Data Protection and Privacy issues particularly in relation to Clinical Trials
  • Product Liability issues
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    Medical Devices